How to accelerate your tan safely

With the bare-legged season in full swing, we Brits know better than to waste an ounce of sunshine! To get some a little extra help with achieving that golden glow, Karin Herzog have developed a new Oxygen Sun Cream to help maximising and accelerating tanning, safely.

Applying the Oxygen Sun Cream to exposed areas for at least two weeks in advance of sun exposure, helps build up the melanin in the skin and get the best even tan in the shortest possible time.

The cream also helps to diminish and prevent white spots that traditionally don’t tan and cause a blotchy effect on skin when in the sun.

"While SPFs sit on the skin’s surface acting as a barrier, this innovative oxygen-rich formula penetrates deep into the tissue, quenching the skin and increases melanin production," say Herzog. "Greater hydration levels provide a natural defence against sun damage and the healing powers of oxygen help to repair already sun damaged skin."

Hydrated skin also colours more evenly leaving you with a radiantly rich and natural glow. Oxygen Sun Cream is also essential post-tan to maintain colour. The cream should work with and enhance your usual SPF. Always use Oxygen Sun Cream products in conjunction with your SPF protection.

£32 for 150ml, available at



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